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Bungie is an abusive girlfriend.

The constant lies and neglect.... The false promises and lack of activity. But for whatever reason I wanna come back to you even though I know you're full of disappointment and emptiness. I've left for roughly 10 days. I cracked once for a single nightfall run but haven't played since. For some reason I want to play again but I know it'll be a waste of time. Bungie: in all seriousness, give me a reason to play your game again. If you actually care. (Odds of you caring are slim to none but hell, worth a shot). Obligatory trending edit: Awesome! We made it! lol but for real i'm enjoying the feedback from this post and a handful of you make some pretty damning points. Also don't take me being hung up on this game seriously, I'm just bored and out of games to play ATM considering I spent every day on this.



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