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Destiny について話し合おう
11/15/2016 3:03:12 AM

Cheating or nah?

So I hop into rumble, my worst PVP but I figure I'll dick around, get a feel for this Unbent Tree to see if I'm gonna keep it & won't hurt anyone's fun by sandbagging a team in the process. Heavy round comes & I see a bubble on top, too be expected right? Something doesn't look right though cause I see someone inside it & I see another dude outside that hops right into it no problem. Get closer & there are three Guardians in it. I think well cool, guess getting heavy & this is gonna be an interesting match so I move closer & wave hi. Dude comes out & 2 pieces me, turns out 3 of them are in a fire team & they take the ammo & split. What do you guys think? Fair play or cheating?



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