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willyにより編集済み: 11/18/2016 11:49:41 PM

"You have been returned to orbit to join another fireteam"

To be honest, its made me so fed up to the point I have to write this. I dont know if its just me and a couple friends, but we are always booted from our game, to be returned to orbit while getting no error code but the words "You have left your current fireteam" or "You have been returned to orbit to join another fireteam" (and never join one). With no exaggeration, 30 to 40 odd people i have attempted to carry in trials had had thier passages ruined as they where either booted or i was booted. The same thing seems to always happen during raids... at the most annoying times. If anyone knows away to fix this issue or can explain what it is and or why it happens, it would be greatly appreciated. It would also be nice to know if anyone else has this issue. Thanks



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