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How do I report YOU Bungie?

So like the title says, how do I report you Bungie? There's a function to report other players for cheating, quitting, being unhelpful or inactive. Well, I wish to report you Bungie for not populating a team that is a man (or two) down for an [b][u]ENTIRE[/u][/b] match. I've taken a myriad of clips and images of being a man down constantly. I'm not the greatest crucible player by any means, but whenever I find my team in the winning spot, someone either leaves or gets booted, never to return which changes the tide of the match. Now I know there's a lull in the player base right now, but I can tell you that I've seen people added to, or replaced on the opposing team... Just never on mine. So there it is. Bungie, I'm reporting you for inactivity. [b]Edit:[/b] [b]Xeno[/b]: But wait... There's more! [b]Bungie[/b]: So, you're winning a game are you xeno? Yes? What's that? You're a man down and still winning? You're soooooo close you can taste it? Well fk all that noise! Beetle for you! Awww, we're sorry... Try again. Here you go. You know that game mode you were winning before, the one we kicked you from? Well we're going to just put you right here.... On the side that's losing badly! Again and again and again and again... [b]Xeno[/b]: Reporting you again Bungie for Unsporting.



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