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Me & teamates booted from trials match on our 9th game booted.

I was contacted by an admin today to report an attack on me and my teamates in trials he mentioned that they manipulated the network and that they have a 90% disconnect rate in trials. I was told to submit a ticket but cant find out where, so I'm posting here of what this unnamed admin said. And I quote: [quote] "You and your team were likely network manipulated by 1 of 3 players, [REDACTED]. They have a 90% disconnect rate in Trials. Here is Bungie's official online reporting tool. And here is a link to your game. [REDACTED] You will need this for Bungie's report. [/quote][b]I need a little help here to bring these guys to justice because once they disconnected us they want flawless because my team and theirs were on their 8th win. So little help please and thank you.[/b] [quote]Ninja Edit: [spoiler]This thread has been edited, removing the gaming account names of the person(s) who you stated were cheating.   [url=][u]Bungie takes reports and game bans VERY seriously[/u][/url], and so they carefully research those reports against their server logs for actual shenanigans (cheating/exploits). There are different options for reporting cheating directly to Bungie. There is [url=][u]an in game report function[/u][/url] to use while still playing on your console, and there is now [url=][u]a cheating report form[/u][/url] for you to fill out here on the website. Creating forum topics to "name and shame" alleged cheaters is not allowed, as it leads to potential harassment of the alleged cheaters. Feel free to private message the moderator who edited your post, [url=]Froggie,[/url] for further clarification about why this action was taken.[/spoiler][/quote]



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