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Destiny について話し合おう
10/28/2016 5:24:24 AM

Banned for no reason

I hardly ever post on here but I'm so furious. I have just been banned from destiny for a month for network manipulation on Trials and PVP. Now if i was a lag switcher or DDoser i would take it on the chin. I don't actually play that much pvp. I raid with my friends, do a little pvp to knock over bounties and hang out at forge. I have only gone to the light house twice in three years, now if i was a network manipulator surely i wold be at the light house every week? I would of though bungie would of look at this. I can only presume that i have been banned as i went to the lighthouse last week and we had a couple of sweaty close matches. Yes i may of red barred a few times during the card. I have a green bar 90% of the time. Now why i am being punished for living in Australia and having to deal with bungies below par matchmaking? Does anyone know if i can appeal against a ban or at least ask them how they came to this conclusion.



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