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Destiny について話し合おう
11/10/2016 2:40:10 PM

The grind got too much...

The merciless grind... I played this game since it first came out, excited at all the new things I was getting. However I noticed I kept getting the same things again and again!! It was tedious but I kept going trying to get that holy grail... I have took on some of the best and beaten and been been by lots of them, never holding my positions for long. I even found some of your rare treasures, which kept me hooked, for a little longer. I took part in your special events as I ground out level after level to find all those rare things that I heard others were finding... In the end it got too much and the persistent grind, lack of content just got the better of me. [spoiler]Goodbye [u]Pokemon Go[/u] - enough is enough you can keep your god damn Chancey!!! :D right-o back to iron banner for me... [/spoiler] [spoiler]I may have a crap K/D in destiny (understatement) but I can stuff a level 10 pidgey in a ball like a boss :D[/spoiler]



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