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10/20/2016 5:12:58 AM

Anyone else miss halo reach?

Been playing it a lot lately. I remember the good ole days; preordering the special edition for my birthday. Playing that tragic campaign and then stepping into the multiplayer as a complete noob. This was my first true competitive multiplayer fps . I remember the hard grind to level up, the excitement of buying new armor and the gradual buildup of my skills until it was I on the top of the scoreboard! Stomping where I used to be stomped! Tell me your experiences with this game: did you like it or hate it, what rank did you achieve, favorite map, favorite armor and ability, ETC.. Also, there are still a good amount of games going on so matchmaking is a breeze! PS. Did anyone else hate the DMR? It was honestly the worst part of this game for me. Never felt right and swat was unbearable. Funnily enough though, It was my favorite weapon in Halo 4...



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