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*NEW* Exotic Farming Method - Quick, Easy, Economic " Exotic Looping "

Thanks! I'm going to try this out!


Do not care.


[u][i][b]VIDEO ATTACHEMENT[/b][/i][/u] : [b]I have finally uploaded an unedited, uncut example of one of my exotic loop runs. It is not a tutorial. It is not "professional". It is a raw depiction of what we are aiming for when Looping. This will be my final contribution to this thread. I keep seeing arguments in the comments, even though I have already sorted through all of them in the OP. I respect everyone, but I'm going to let this thread be whatever it's going to be. Enjoy. - A Purple Flower -[/b] ______________________ [u][i]Final Edit :[/i][/u] - Whew, this exploded, lots of comments. Too many to read. Too many to reply to. All I'm going to say is this : The Iron Tomb method *IS THE FASTEST FARMING IN THE GAME* ; however, I do not care what anyone says in the comments, *YOU WILL WASTE AT LEAST TWICE AS MANY COINS* farming there. I don't care how many doubles, triples, or infinite engrams you claim to get there farming it non-stop. 99.99% of the community ends up using double-digit Coin Stacks after getting an engram or 2 from that area. This method is the fastest combination of "farming" and "mission control" - - It is a balance to FARM FAST, yet NOT WASTE your coins. If you have 1,000,000 3oC's in your locker and materials are absolutely no object, never do anything but The Iron Tomb. If you'd like to get the most for your buck, farm using a Loop. I appreciate the support, but I'm just a boy from Wisconsin. I can't keep up with this thread. Cheers <3 _____________________________________________________ [url=]Official Developer Proof That 3 Of Coins Was Nerfed, Specifically Against Repeated Ultras Such As The Ones Found In " The Iron Tomb " and " The Black Garden "[/url] [url=]Official Luke Smith Interview About the 3 Of Coins Nerf, and How Players Are Not Using It Correctly[/url] [u][b]EDIT[/b][/u] [i]When I say " cooldown " , I do not mean a set-in-stone, hidden, secret, bi-proxy timer within the game code. I simply refer to the lapse within the existing nerf that decides when killing Ultras is "too fast" or "just right" . Arguing with me in the comments will not change my mind. Perhaps my words are not in the correct pattern, but I know what I'm talking about. I wouldn't go this in depth in a guide to have no idea how 3 of Coins drops. That is all.[/i] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm going to upload a video attachment tomorrow, for now I'm going to be giving text. - Like most people, I farm exotics. I've been farming them since Vanilla. You name it, I've done it. -Loot Caves -Boss Checkpoints -Chest Hoarding -Xur Boosting -Keksis Exploding -Gatelord Orbiting -Dreadnaught Glitching -Black Garden Tripling -Iron Tomb Suiciding Maybe I missed a few, but the point is, I've got a TON of experience on this, and like many other people; have found mass aggravation with the changes made to 3oC and Exotic Drops since the beginning of Y2. I have finally found a method that both *WORKS* and *DOES NOT EAT UP 3oC* My method might seem extremely complicated at first, and it might be, but once you create your "LOOP" - this can be farmed insanely fast, without wasting coins, and without waiting for cooldowns. I'll get right to it. - - - - - - - - - - [u][b]STEP ONE[/b][/u] : Select a character (can also do this on all characters) and pop 3oC. Select EARTH from the directory, and (for my selection) choose *Cayde's Stash* mission. Speed run this mission, defeat the boss as normal, but then [i]LEAVE TO ORBIT[/i] before the mission ends. You will have a [i]CHECKPOINT.[/i] [u][b]STEP TWO[/b][/u] : Pop another 3oC (if you haven't gotten an exotic) and now head to the MOON, and select (my preference) *Shrine of Oryx* - Speed run the mission, defeat the boss, but then [i]GO TO ORBIT[/i] before the mission ends. You will have [i]ANOTHER CHECKPOINT[/i]. You should see a pattern forming. [u][b]STEP THREE[/b][/u] : Pop another 3oC if needed, and head to VENUS. My pick here is *Eye of the Gatelord*. Speed run, defeat the boss, and head to orbit before the mission ends. Your third checkpoint. [u][b]STEP FOUR[/b][/u] : Pop a 3oC, head to MARS, select *The Garden's Spire*, defeat the boss, leave before the end, save the checkpoint. Now for the last one. [u][b]STEP FIVE[/b][/u] : Pop a coin, go to SATURN, join the patrol, and boot up the age old *Ultra Night*. Do not worry about a checkpoint, takes less than 60 seconds to spawn him. You have now created an [u]Exotic Loop.[/u] - - - - - [u][i][b]THE FINAL MECHANIC[/b][/i][/u] : It will take you about an hour, per character, to set up your Exotic Loop. Once completed, each new run should take you less than 10 minutes. Three of Coins was not meant to be used this way, but I found that using them consecutively, over and over again, while on different planets, facing different ultras, seems to completely negate the cooldown nerf. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once you earn an exotic on 1 character, you merely change to the Exotic Loop on your other character. While this method is not as fast as the "Iron Tomb" method (almost as fast, just saying), you do not waste your coins. When running The Iron Tomb, you remain on Earth, and fight the same Ultras over and over again. The cooldown can (at the worst) set you back 20 coins before getting an exotic, even if it does only take 10 minutes to do this. This method (not exactly sure if it's 100% new) I have suggested is almost as fast as the Iron Tomb method, but saves coins, and adds variety to your gameplay. I love this method, I use it constantly now, and have the best results out of any method I have ever tried before. *removed "slight" bragging paragraph, wasn't really bragging, but didn't want it to deter from my work, so that's what's going on in this section lol* I hope this helps you out, I'll be uploading a video showing a common, unedited run of one of my "loops"; it really is the best way to Farm Exotics. At least I think so. Have a nice day. -A Purple Flower-



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