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9/23/2016 4:22:42 AM

New crucible banning system idea

I as a crucible player has cime to the conclusion that crucible isnt fun anymore. So what i suggest it that we implement a better banning system on internet issues and on people leaving. And also for feeding the other team. So for people leaving the idea i have is until the game ends they cant do any crucible until that game ends. And the have the option to spectate it or not. And also have them run the risk of getting a permanent ban on the team deoending on when they leave and for what cause (have that stated by people reporting them). Like say if the leave when the game is loading in have a 24 hour ban. Leaving mid game during a lead 24 hour. Leave mid game for rage 1 week to permanent depends on the ammount of reports. Now for the lag it needs better monitoring outside of iron banner and trails of osiris.  We need the monitoring alot because people who lag are getting away with it and making crucible not fun anymore; and i like crucible. Sure i get it everyone has bad internet from time to time i have it on the rare occasion; but this is mainly for the repeat offenders. We need for people who get more than 5 reports in 24 hours to be put on a watchlist and if they are caught lagging they get a perma ban. No matter what. I feel this is right cause crucible has gone down hill and is losing its touch. I mainly play private matches with my group just to not have the lag. Last topic is the feeding. I hate it when theres enemy team feeding/ not going for the objectives (especially in rift or supremacy).  I play games where it only 2 people on a team go for the objectives and kills due to the others think its regular clash. If people want to run around for just for kills ban em for a week so they just do PVE. This shits gon on for too long and destiny needs a stricter set of crucible rules. Tl;dr: destinys crucible is shit and neews new banning system and a ban wave on lag, feeding, and mid game quitting



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