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EssAndEmm2013により編集済み: 9/22/2016 7:40:46 PM

Wait...Hold On...Grimoire Loss is *INTENTIONAL* ?!? No Plan To Fix At All !?!

Please, Bungie. Fix Grimoire.


Disagree. Do not care about Grimoire Collection.


[b]EDIT :[/b] for those who may not know, in the past, no matter what you did to your characters or items, the game always "remembered" your progress, you may lose items, but your kiosk and grimoire would always remain in tact, carry on some people have noticed that making new characters or switching characters lowers your grimoire as of year 3, in some extreme cases, permanently lowering your grimoire in this weeks update, they talked about the issue, and did not intend to fix the situation, that has NEVER been an issue before, the official statement below : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [u][b]Destiny: Rise of Iron Grimoire[/b][/u] [i]Players may lose Grimoire Cards earned in Destiny: Rise of Iron if the Character on which the card was earned is deleted. As always, please exercise caution when deleting Characters or dismantling gear[/i]. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- not only is this the most alarming threat to player progression the game has ever seen, who knows what else year 3 has effected? grimoire loss is the only one so far if you delete the character you earned a certain weapon bounty on, will the game "forget" you did the bounty and take the weapon away? who knows bungie does, and they have made it clear it was intentional please upvote for a reply from cozmo, and vote in the polls please do both of these even if you agree with the new method if need be, upvote and then vote against the poll, i don't care if you support me personally, just please get this trending so that we can get a more in depth response to what devs plan to do with the situation moving forward



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