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9/7/2016 8:34:09 PM

Shield Brothers Strike / Heroic, Solar Burn, Chaff, Catapult / Friggin' impossible

Hi everybody and especially bungie. This week we've got Heroic, Solar Burn and Chaff on the Stikes. So i've been playing a few hours today but the Shield Brothers strike is nearly impossible. I've tried this strike about 9 times with several different players and switched from hunter to titan (Light 313). We got wrecked every time.. Dear Bungie, when you put modifiers on a strike, please keep it fun to play, i figure it's the solarburn in combination with heroic that messes this strike up. When a player is trying to do several strikes after another to gain a chance in special items, (some use three of coins like I did a few times today), they will probably get stuck on this strike. Kind regards.



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