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Have Any Suggestions To Better Titanfall 2?

Yes! (Tell Me)


No, Let It Burn!


[i][b]*Skip to 1:21 in video for first topic...[/b][/i] In this video me and my friend, PrinceThaGamer, do our first episode of 'GamIN Talk | Let Me Say This…’ We talk about the latest gaming news in this pilot episode! Please, enjoy (: [b]1st Part[/b] | [i]Sony's Playstation Slim & Leaks…[/i] *1:21 in video [b]2nd Part[/b] | [i]No Man's Sky Hate...[/i] *3:41 in video [b]3rd Part[/b] | [i]Nioh Beta On PS4 Is Awesome...[/i] *6:43 in video [b]4th Part[/b] | [i]Titanfall 2's Open Alpha Test...[/i] *9:15 in video



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