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Epsilon58により編集済み: 8/21/2016 9:28:49 AM

Rise of Iron builds

So with ROI coming soon, I'm curious about the builds everyone will be trying out out for with the new artifacts. I'm interested in both felwinter's and skorri's artfacts. For pve: skorri Sunsinger, perks and weapons are song of flame, heart of praxic for the extra boost it gives SoF, with either radiant will and double fusion or debuff build with fusion, weapon will be Lord of Wolves. General idea is to try and make as much us out of song of flame by getting as many 'stand next to me good things happen mechanics on me' could work, but it will likely not help much in raids. For pvp: felwinter Sunsinger with the general burn build with firebolts and Thorn added on top of it; voidfang will be the exotic armor. I can't help it, I love dots, I love burn builds. That's why when destiny first launched I fell in love with sunsinger, and despite it being my first exotic and a week after destiny began its journey, thorn fell into my hands. Dots are fun to me, and despite its Nerf, firebolts are still the best way to apply burn. I also know this build as one specific counter; memory of silmar. But my hope is despite the dramatically decrease in the burn damage, the debuff from being set on fire will help that, either that or I just switch to double fusion. But those are my builds what are yours.



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