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Gatelordにより編集済み: 8/19/2016 1:46:19 AM

Wat ur favrite color mens:

Hi OffTopic, tooday I'm haer to tell u bout ur favrite coler n shit!!1!!1!!!!! hear we go!1!!!!!! Blu: [spoiler]mens ur a boy lololol[/spoiler] Red: [spoiler]mens ur edgy like red ninje tutle!1!1!!1 cool[/spoiler] Yello: [spoiler]mens u liek banana in but!!1!1! hahaha[/spoiler] Blak: [spoiler]emo lolololol[/spoiler] Grey: [spoiler]grey mens ur GAY!1!1! HAHAHAHAH[/spoiler] Ponk: [spoiler]ur a gril <3 hmu lol[/spoiler] Perpel: [spoiler]whatre u fukn gay? - edoobz hahaha funny man he is[/spoiler] White: [spoiler]You're a god among men, you're smart, cunning, supreme. You should be praise above all others.[/spoiler] Brown: [spoiler]back to the plantation.[/spoiler] Gren: [spoiler]ur an vegin poose, eat a burger[/spoiler] Ernge: [spoiler]ur hed looks liek an orange peel!!!!!1!1!![/spoiler] WHAT WER U? TELL ME IN COMMENT REPLYS :)) - GATLORD OUT PS: [spoiler]am not autismic stop sayin that! [/spoiler]



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