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CannabisCrus8rにより編集済み: 8/4/2016 8:58:28 PM

Autos still need careful balancing

I know people are sick of hearing it, but people are also sick of autos being a joke for over the past year or so. Minus The Doctrine arch-type Autos are in a very strange place right now. I can't say much about middle impact. But the higher impact such as Suros Regime, Shadow Price, & etc being a few examples. They REALLY don't have the same kill time as the light impact variety. I'm not trying to push nurfs, I'm seeking a more precise balance in the auto-variety spectrum. I'm just saying the damage to rate of fire output doesn't seem 100% accurate. Especially with focus fire in the equation. I understand that it complicates things & therefore I try not to hold it against Destiny for taking so long to balance such even tho it's been over a year. But yeah, that's that. There's a big difference in quality between high and low impact. The game in terms of PVP isn't balanced until we see people commonly going 9&0 with each & every variety of gun... I've gone 9&0 multiple times, so I know they aren't competing properly compared to other options. I've seen what works & what doesn't. Autos still aren't quite competing as a whole. Progress has been made & I'M GLAD! But we're not all the way there just yet. "S'all I'm saying." Have a GOOD day!!!



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