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8/3/2016 5:06:42 PM
You need to earn it like the rest of us, it will only make you a better player It's the best gamemode, trust me, learn to use your opponents aggression against them. mix up your movement and keep them guessing, fake them out with a slide one time, then come flying around the corner the next. If you only slide you will die quickly since great players always pick up on patterns and habbits. Use grenades often and effectively, always have an escape route in mind, not too run away but to take cover, there are very few times you get away from an elite rumble player Your primary is your best friend, your special weapon is an added bonus, since you can't always get to the ammo boxes And my biggest tip to you. Don't stay in one place for too long, someone is gonna want that spot too, and eventually two people will, that's when you move and get anyone going to your old spot



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