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AnonPig LoreDudeにより編集済み: 2/17/2015 1:09:56 AM

Help me make an everything to know about smoggypulto!

Help guardians, this is your friendly neighborhood AnonPig!, and I can't find enough on this [b]legend[/b] I've heard the most basic of stories, but I know there's more! I try and try and try but all I know is how he's truly a hero in the crucible. Help me by posting everything you know, so I can make an [b]everything to know![/b] [quote]I've played with [b]smoggypluto[/b] before, I'll tell you, that bro deserves it. He's always got his teammates back. He'll jump in there when your taking fire. Literally took multiple bullets for me. One time I lost my dog and he found it for me. He lent me money when I was behind on bills. Taught me how to change a tire. Honestly I can't think of anyone who deserves the gjallahorn more.[/quote] [quote]I was thinking of taking my own light before smoggypluto stopped me. i owe him my allegiance. I dont know a man more deserving of ghallarhorn.[/quote]-strived Buckbeard - Zeezke99 - That's all I've found guardians, tell me of your experiences with this great man



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