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I identify as a woman to save money on car insurance

Or I'll identify as a 16 year old. Does that mean I can sue the government for when they lock me up as a sex offender because they discriminated against my beliefs? There's nothing wrong with 2 16 year olds having sex. Or what if a 15 year old walks into a bar and identifies as a 23 year old? Would they risk the lawsuit by kicking him o- sorry, the non-binary out. Or little Jim decides to be Jill for the day to see all the middle school girls in there panties in the locker room. Or what if the prostitute identifies as a blow up doll. Does that justify her crime? I mean, she's not selling sex. She's inanimate. Or maybe the stoner identifies as a fire so he can smoke weed all day because fire makes smoke. What if I identify as a successful company with many employees. Having no money, does that mean my government has to bail me out for billions? I got it, I'll identify as a disabled person so I get 100% disability and my kids get free college. [b]Some of what I'm getting at here is far fetched, but not all of it. While some of these things may not be happening yet, [u]it is only a matter of time before people start taking advantage of this. And in a day in age where the government has to recognize your identification, and forces everyone else to, some of these will happen.[/u] I personally do support someone's right to not feel they are a man but actually a woman, but switching back and forth is a convenience. And people will use it to justify there crimes and conveniences. There has to be a line drawn in this. What are your thoughts? [/b] What do you identify as to traverse the system.



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