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Dear Cozmo, This is what I would personally want for PvP Primaries





Don't Care?


Think the Current Setup is Fine?


Hello Cozmo and Fellow Guardians, I will try to make a list of PvP "Shots to Kill" that I think would be most fun, tell me if you agree guys: [b][u]Hand Cannons[/u][/b] [b]Low ROF Hand Cannons (Timur's Lash, Ill Will): [/b]2 Shot Kill if both are headshot (very close small damage drop off resulting in only being able to kill a Low armor Guardian from up to Mid range with 2 shots) [b]Mid ROF Hand Cannons (Lord High Fixer, Eyasluna): [/b]3 Shot Kill as long as 1 is a Headshot [b]High ROF Hand Cannons (The Revelator, Word of Crota):[/b] 3 Shot Kill if all are headshots, 4 if any are body shots (Penalty to Bloom Cone for consecutive, non paced fire) [b][u]Pulse Rifles[/u][/b] [b]Low ROF Pulse Rifles (The Messenger, Hopscotch):[/b] 2 Burst Kill only if 5 of the 6 bullets are headshots [b]Low Mid ROF Pulse Rifles (PDX-41, Nirwin's Mercy):[/b] 2.5 Burst Kill (must shoot 3 burst but only connect with 7 of 9 headshots, if all shots are body shots then the target will die on the 9th) [b]Mid High ROF Pulse Rifles (PDX-45, Hawksaw): [/b]3 Burst Kill (9 of 9 shots must be headshots save for damage boost perks like headseeker and reactive reload) [b]High ROF Pulse Rifles (GoM, Praedyth's Timepiece):[/b] 3.5 Burst Kill (10-11 of 12 shots need to be headshots depending on the targets armor stat) [b][u]Scout Rifles[/u][/b] [b]Low RoF Scout Rifles (Gheleon's Demise, Colovance's Duty):[/b] 3 Shot Kill as long as all are headshots [b]Low Mid RoF Scout Rilfes (Fang of Ir Yut, Doom of Chelchis): [/b]4 Shot Kill if 3 of the 4 are headshots [b]Mid High ROF Scout Rifles (High Road Soldier, MIDA):[/b] 4 Shot Kill, all must hit the head [b]High ROF Scout Rifles(NL Shadow, Deadshot Luna)[/b]: 5 Shot Kill, all must hit the head I'll edit the post to include Auto's asap, currently at work and don't have the means to do the math related to TTK in my head Edit 1: For all those who claim that they think the current setup is fine, I implore you to really think about it, two big problems with the current setup are that a) Low RoF Pulses are not used because their accuracy is horrid without a good roll and you need to kill with 3 bursts which the Low Mid RoF rifles can already do with ease b) The Low RoF Hand Cannons are rarely used as well because in most scenarios they aren't a 2 shot and for the time it takes to shoot that third shot if you and your target engaged each other simultaneously then any other class of weapon would win presuming both players were shooting all headshots. If most of you really pay attention most of what I said is already the way it is or very close, it would just give the weapons that now see 0 use, more use so don't just blindly vote because you don't want to lose the "competitive edge" of what you like to something else you're not willing to use



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