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6/17/2016 8:52:47 PM

Taken Color Based on Environment/Time

For your info and my personal documentation: EARTH: Sunrise - Highly contrasted green-gray Midday - Smooth transitioned aqua-gray Sunset - High contrast aqua-gray Night - Smooth Gray When you first enter the Wall - Smooth transitioned Orange-gray Inside - Smooth aqua-gray with a little more gray Warmind Area - Smooth Gray Deep Warmind Area - Smooth Blue MOON: Outside - High contrast aqua-gray Entrance to the Temple of Crota - high contrast blue Inside - Smooth gray-aqua Oversoul Throne and Bridge - Mid-contrast green-gray Hellmouth - High-contrast orange-gray with at least 90% gray VENUS: Outside - Smooth blue-gray Inside - Smooth aqua-gray with more gray Nexus - High-contrast Orange-gray with at least 90% gray Vault of Glass - Super smooth blue-gray MARS: Day - Strong green-gray Night - Smooth gray Inside - Smooth aqua gray with more gray Black Garden - Super strong green-gray Black Heart - Orange-gray Phobos - Smooth aqua-gray DREADNAUGHT: Dread normal - Smooth green-gray Dread Regicide - High-contrast orange-gray with at least 90% gray Dantalion Exodus VI - Smooth blue-gray with more blue Dread Threshold - Smooth aqua-gray REEF: Vestian Outpost - High-contrast green-gray Hive Arena - Smooth green-gray Cabal Arena - Smooth blue-gray Fallen and Vex Arenas - Smooth gray LIFE: Wasted



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