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Destiny Trials DDoS Cheaters on Live Stream! (Video)

Have you ever had this happen? Let me know in the comments. If you DDoS it is illegal and you WILL be reported and have major consequences for your actions. Hopefully this video will help the fair players not go through cheaters like this. Don't be shy to report behavior like this guys! Sorry for the swearing, as you can see, I was upset with the situation. If you want to watch the video, check out my Youtube channel at TD3BUF. [url][/url] [quote]Ninja Edit: [spoiler]This thread has been edited, removing the gaming account names of the person(s) who you stated were cheating.   [url=][u]Bungie takes reports and game bans VERY seriously[/u][/url], and so they carefully research those reports against their server logs for actual shenanigans (cheating/exploits). There are different options for reporting cheating directly to Bungie. There is [url=][u]an in game report function[/u][/url] to use while still playing on your console, and there is now [url=][u]a cheating report form[/u][/url] for you to fill out here on the website. Creating forum topics to "name and shame" alleged cheaters is not allowed, as it leads to potential harassment of the alleged cheaters. Feel free to private message the moderator who edited your post, [url=]Old Papa Rich[/url] for further clarification about why this action was taken.[/spoiler][/quote]



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