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5/23/2016 3:38:27 PM

Year 1 Boots!

Since Xur is probably NEVER going to sell Legacy Leg Armor Engrams. What are some of the best ways to farm for Year 1 Exotic Boots??? The Year 1 Exotic Boots are all I need to complete my Exotic Collection...I have tried running PoE multiple times since TTK to no avail. Are there any chances of year 1 exotic armor dropping in the crota raid or VOG raid? Any other sources for getting year 1 exotic armor drops? I wish Bungie would just have Xur sell the Legacy Leg Armor Engram already. I know, I know, the warlock's wouldn't be able to benefit from that at all, but honestly, my main is a Warlock and I really dont think, the other warlocks are going to really care if Xur sold Legacy Leg Armor Engrams for one week! Cmon Bungie!!!



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