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Doom has a higher user score than Uncharted 4?

I find it very strange that Uncharted 4 has such critical acclaim, yet its user base have it a lot lower. Are the critic's out of touch with the gamer's? Maybe they're movie critic wannabes? I know you will have trolls posting reviews, but the average user score is usually not much different from the average critic score. Let's use Sony's best exclusive last year called Bloodborne as an example. That has a critic score of 92, user score of 8.6, which isn't much different. Uncharted 4 has a critic score of 93, user score is only 7.8, why is it so low? Check any high scoring game in recent years, the user score will be fairly close. Is Uncharted 4 the most overrated game of all time, or are the critic scores an accurate representation of the game? Discuss guys and what is going on? Doom's current score on metacritic below...



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