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5/19/2016 6:30:08 PM

Still can't beat King's Fall... Xbone

I am a 302 Titan (the only class I'm willing to play) and have now put in over 50 hours into the King's Fall raid. I HAVE YET TO BEAT IT! Between incompetence on the part of myself, my team(s) and Bungie (for having terrible servers for Pacific), the challenge has been too great. On normal, nonetheless. I have come to the conclusion I am cursed to never beat the raid. HOWEVER, this is a challenge to any group that thinks they can beat the raid with me. Oryx is the only boss left. My gt is xxzogxmadxdogxx. I will be available Sunday almost all day in Alaska time. Send me a message to schedule a time for us to (attempt to) beat the raid.



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