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0 Image/Video Issues

Lately I've been having a problem with the website. I can't seem to load up pictures or videos that people have posted via the "share a link" option that appears above the text; the spoilers either loads indefinitely or displays the "X" button only. This doesn't affect texts of any kind, even if a link is in the spoiler. I don't know when or how it exactly started, but it's been happening for the past week at least, was never occurring before the forum style changed, and I've only been having this problem on Out of about 25-30 pictures (I honestly didn't keep track) I've tried to look at in the past 4 days, only 7-9 were viewable. Out of about 10 videos, 1-2 was viewable. To add to the irritation, I can't even see my own pictures shortly after posting them. I don't know if this is from going to my comments via my notifications or not. However, I do know that this happens only through the "share a link option". I guess problem on my end could be plausible, but for now I'm more willing to think this is a problem with the website because I never had a problem with the forums until after the layout change. Edit: I forgot to add that links going to these pictures/videos also produce the same problem.



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