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4/9/2016 2:10:25 PM

(360) Trials finder.

Use this forum my fellow Xbox 360 companions. I know, I know. Finding a 360 based team cause be hard but hopefully with the help of this forum all your worries will go away. "Stay strong and prevail guardians, we are the Vangard!" Also I am looking for 1 person 310+ preferably to help me get to six wins with my hunter. Within those 6 I should pop from 294 to around 300. I may be small but i can carry mynown weight. Stats mean nothing for me because my friends and i only mess around around in standard crucible. I have another fellow team mate who is 310+. So if you would be ever so helpful and want to join comment in direct response to me or shoot me a msg @Whyy Red. On the 360 :)



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