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Heroic Strikes and that guardian that you don't want to leave

Note: long post is long. Tl;dr at bottom. I was doing some heroic strikes as a Defender with a friend last night as I got my Titan to rank 25 with New Monarchy. He got off around 1am my time but I decided to stay on and grind it out. Now when doing strikes, I run the full orb-shitting build. Gift of the Void, Iron Harvest, Force Barrier melees make orbs, etc. There's no other way to run strikes, tbh. Anyway, after my friend left, I get match made with a Stormcaller. Didn't think to check his gear or grimoire anything like that. Didn't matter. I was just trying to have as much fun as possible. Pretty sure our first stop together was Omnigul. I immediately started dancing, hopped on my sparrow and went into the warehouse. The Warlock finally makes it there and we pause a moment to gauge the situation. Our 3rd is afk. -blam!-ing asshole. Whatever. The Warlock turned to me and started dancing. The next thing he does, he runs right out and starts mowing things down with Bolt Caster. -blam!- yeah. I pull out Raze Lighter and start going to town, dropping an occasional orb here and there in the process. By the time the Hive began hungering for our light, as Eris puts it, I had my bubble. I dropped it on the right side of the room when the thrall came out and began punching everything in sight. I had orb diarrhea. The Stormcaller [i]actually[/i] knew what to do from there. He went to the other side of the room, as not to disturb my orb shitting, and began wiping everything in sight. I punched so many thrall that I was getting my bubble back before my melee would recharge. So again, I dropped a bubble to get my melee charge and went back to work on the thrall. Whenever dude was done, he would come back for orbs and go take care of the other side again. This was -blam!-ing awesome. We clear that room in only a couple minutes and move onward. Being that it's Omnigul, I switch my bubble to WoL, and popped it just inside the warehouse exit. The Fallen were sniping. The Warlock was sniping. I just started dancing. He looked at me, came inside the bubble and danced. Gift of the Void proced. He popped his Super and began doing Stormcaller things while I took out the snipers around him. I ran down to grab orbs and popped my bubble closer. I took Raze Lighter from my back and started chopping away, he with his Bolt Caster was using the R2 attack to cast bolts. Again, finished in no time. On to the hallway. We get to the door you use your ghost on to open and he goes to his menu for a few. I went ahead and reported our 3rd for inactivity at this point. Wondering if he did the same. Anyway, we take the next room out with relative ease in the same manner we did the rest of the strike. I popped a bubble, Gift of the Void dropped more orbs, he popped his Super, so on, so forth. I switched to Helm of Saint 14 for the Omnigul fight, as all smart Defenders should, popped bubble on the bridge and emptied my Raze Lighter into the screaming bitch before jumping off into the back room to recharge the rest of my Super and pop a heavy. It wasn't long before she went down and at some point during the fight, our 3rd showed up to claim his rewards so I reported the douchecanoe for being Unfriendly and Unhelpful. Whatever. The Warlock and I danced the rest of the timer away. Every strike I did with this Stormcaller went like this. Smooth, Super filled rampages. Orbageddon, if you will. I actually made 90 orbs during that Omnigul strike haha. I lost count of how many we did together and I went well past the amount of strikes I needed to do for the NM quest but I couldn't bring myself to leave. Every time in that next strike, that Warlock was still there. Every time, same as the last regardless of our 3rd. Finally, at 5am, I just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Sent him a message saying it was good playing with him and that I was off to bed. I haven't had that much -blam!-ING FUN doing strikes in a long time, not even with good friends. He sent a friend request and of course I accepted. Hands down, best experience I've ever had with a random guardian. Tl;dr - did a bunch of strikes with a random dude who knew how to chain Supers and had so damn much fun I stayed up way too late and didn't even want to get offline when I did. Made a new friend and this game is still fun so suck it haters



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