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[BUNGIE] RESOLVED: 4/18: Issues impacting Sterling Treasure delivered via Postmaster

[b]UPDATE 4/18[/B] Hello all. With the release of [url=]Destiny Hotfix[/url], issues impacting the dispersal of Sterling Treasure via Postmaster should be resolved. You may be required to sign into Destiny once more for this Hotfix to be applied. Once installed, a Sterling Treasure will be available through the Postmaster for those who did not receive one when first logging in after accepting Update 2.2.0. Players will receive one Postmaster Sterling Treasure each week, per account Inspecting Character Gear on or the Companion App will ensure delivery of Weekly Postmaster Sterling Treasures. To verify, you may inspect the Postmaster to see the Sterling Treasure within. This will also resolve the issue where some players did not receive the Chroma Grimoire Card. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience on this matter. If you were impacted by this issue, please note the information below. [quote][b]UPDATE 4/16:[/b] It has been determined that there was an issue where players that logged in between 2AM and 10AM PST on 4/12 (April Update) did not receive their initial Sterling Treasure. This affected both players who logged into Destiny on their consoles and players who logged into their accounts on [b]For those players affected, we are working on a fix targeted for Monday, April 18th (Hotfix at approximately 10AM PST) that will allow affected players to have a limited-time window to retrieve their Sterling Treasure from the Postmaster. Affected players will ONLY have until the 04/19 Weekly Reset (2AM PST) to attain them. At 2AM PST, players will resume into a new weekly cycle, where players can log in and play the respective activities for additional free Sterling Treasures. [/b] We’ll update you when we know more. Previous thread contents below: [quote]Hello all, We are aware of reports that some players did not receive a Sterling Treasure Mystery Bag from the Postmaster when first logging in after accepting Update 2.2.0. We apologize for the inconvenience, and will provide information when available. NOTE: Some players are reporting that signing into another character may resolve this issue. For those that are still impacted, we are continuing to investigate. For additional information concerning the April Update, please see our[url=] 2.2.0 Vital Information Thread[/url]. UPDATE: From [url=]This Week at Bungie – 04/14/2016[/url] [quote]For some of you, the Postmaster failed to keep our promise about Sterling Treasure boxes. You should get one of them each week, just for checking in with that sometimes-helpful robot. If you have not, we’re on the case. Our intention is to deliver the missing boxes to those of you who missed them. We’re working on a plan to deploy a fix that should do just that (and prevent it from happening again) before the next weekly reset. Pardon the cliffhanger, but we promise to circulate more information when we can guarantee it. Either way, our intention is that you’ll all get what’s coming to you (and we mean that in a completely non-threatening way). In related news, Variks and Shaxx have both been successful in delivering Sterling Treasure boxes to those Guardians who are answering their respective challenges. Play those weekly featured Crucible playlists and take a dive into the Level 41 Prison of Elders. Moral to the story? Never send a bot to do a job that belongs to a sentient creature. More to come on this hot topic soon. Please stay tuned.[/quote][/quote][/quote]



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