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Lag switching? WOW! Thumbs up!

If that's what you got to raise your self esteem and feed your ego I'd like give a couple of suggestions : First: The button on your Xbox or PS that's luminated push it. Second: Follow the cord from the back of your console to the power outlet and unplug it. Third: Put all of it in a box. "At this point you have multiple options! " You can give,sell,throw away ,smash( you get the idea) NOW THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. (Refer the the sentence above at least two more times) Seek help. As in (now don't get scared) a real live person. And come back to (once again don't get scared) reality. It's a game learn how play it promise you'll a lot more fun! And who knows you might actually find people who'll even help ya out. Rather than block shun and ultimately have you banned. What's your opinion ? Check out the link Also here's a thought I know they (BUNGIE) doesn't want us there gamer tags which I get. What are your thoughts on BUNGIE adding a page were they post gamer tags of the players they've temp. Banned for doing it ? Then if you think someone might be you could check it ? If there gamer tag is there you could then just block them . Call it: The Wall of Shame.. If they banned them then it wouldn't be hearsay? Opinions,Thoughts,comments? Let your voice be heard cause if we want it to stop ? We just gota just keep BITCHING! So they that they gota do something about it ! If we keep putting post out there that's all the public will start seeing and hearing about DESTINY and BUNGIE? Everyone has my permission to repost all of this post. Not that anyone needs it. Just so we're clear that's how much more I'm seeing it just in the last couple weeks in game and posts.



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