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Jet The Pirateにより編集済み: 4/4/2016 10:49:27 PM

Mida Multi Tool... well, what other scouts compare?

Admit it. Mida is a very solid gun for this "meta", and i say "meta" very lightly because i dont think there is a "meta" per se. [spoiler]in its effective range that is (;[/spoiler] I think that bungie making a surpising low amount of high impact snipers has definately dictated which ones are more prevalent(thousand yard stare) I also brlieve that all the attention that these posts, you-tubers, and streamers bring to weapons definately influences fighting styles and choices. Combined makes for pretty obvious option, amiright? The ultimate counter to snipers are and have always been scout rifles. They have the range to keep them in check unlike the rest of the weapon choices with our current balancing. My issue with this is that i have ALOT of choices and yet... very few. Its either High RoF with Lower impact OR<-------[spoiler]This, is where Mida sits in comparison.[/spoiler] Its Low RoF with High impact. What other choices do i have if i want to use the archetype that happens to be Midas and happens to fit the way I like to fight. Im decent with pulses and hand cannons, im garbo'with auto rifles, i like shotties, and decent with sniping. But ive always like how scouts felt and operated. -TL;DR- What choices do i have that fit Mida's archetype?



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