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Batsu721により編集済み: 3/30/2016 6:51:57 PM

Cathedral of Dusk

I did pretty decent on it back when Rift was the game for IB and even now this is still one of my favorite Maps. I collected the 3 bounties this morning that Saladin had and I did em all in one match. Top of the class. And then I did another match where I got a positive KD and got the Finnala's Peril hand Cannon. By no means a god role, but I'll make any gun work. Its got reactive reload. ( now this is for anyone who's scared of Doctrine or this map..... I went in with a complete screw it attitude, ( totally different from my try hard rage post yesterday lol) fearless, and using only Monte Carlo. Yesterday I had been going in with Fusion guns mainly just because I wanted to give my ashavens flight a spin. But Monte Carlo is beastly kids. You can set it up for some nice damn range too. Have fun with it.



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