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Destiny について話し合おう
3/24/2016 6:13:30 PM

Bungie, fusion rifles are still too strong.

Fusion rifles are so overpowered. I literally can't play Crucible right now because everyone is using them. Thesan FR4 needs a charge rate nerf and so does Plan C. Plan C charges [i]instantly[/i] and has the same impact as Thesan FR4. I don't know who at Bungie thought that would ever be balanced but it isn't. Also, I shouldn't be able to be rez-fusioned unless it's by a Sleeper Simulant or maybe a Pocket Infinity. Split Shifter Pro is still too strong as well so nerf it harder. I expect a bunch of replies from people saying they don't need a nerf. Stop defending your crutch. They're too strong and they're going to be nerfed again in April. It's time you do what you do best, Bungie. Nerf fusion rifles because they're still breaking PvP.
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