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3/25/2016 11:26:31 AM

...No checkpoints in NEW POE...

Only 3 rounds doesn't matter


You had 1 job...


But the stream said...




Thoughts on the live stream screw up. According to the most recent "This week at Bungie" (3/24/16) The announcement of the return to The Prison of Elders included the addition of checkpoints was false. There will continue to be NO CHECKPOINTS for any POE activity. Seeing as during the stream a team of 3 made short work of the "Challenge of Elders" using a Hand cannon no less (jokes) in under an hour is having a checkpoint really necessary? I just find it frustrating how the lead designer and Deej actually spent a few minutes parading how "We heard the community loud and clear" only to whoops we goofed a day later... Just, really Bungie did you listen... But oh yeah Deej saved us the trouble of screen shotting some pictures of the trailer folks happy day (insert sarcasm here) I haven't seen anyone talk about this... Mix up? Yeah sure call it a mix up... Ugh Bungie seriously... And before anyone even says it yah yah ooooh you still play Destiny? herp derp durp COD is better Tom Clancy FTW... Don't care, alright? Alright! Leave your thoughts here Thank you



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