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3/22/2016 3:37:01 PM

PS3 Clan now recruiting

Iridescent Peacekeepers are Guardians that provide support to other guardians in any situations. We keep competitiveness with our individual talents. In public patrol, we support any guardian in need, while not eclipsing his/her contribution. Male or Female accepted, must have some skills as we often need to provide equilibrium in the face of chaos. In any situation that we contribute to, we do not monopolize the progress. If we're part of the solution, we try to do it so that the people involved also contributed to the success of the task. If we're to support a random guardian in a patrol, we do it only if necessary, and from afar. We'd close in if the rumble intensifies. If you find yourself in these ways and methods, please join us : Iridescent Peacekeepers



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