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Jykeousにより編集済み: 3/22/2016 12:57:20 AM

New Subclass Ideas - Dark and Light

So I've been thinking about this for a while and finally decided to get some ideas out there. So you know about Arc, Solar, and Void right? To me these all seem to be neutral elements. They aren't good or bad, both the dark and light use them. But ever since I saw the Minotaurs at the end of the Black Garden I've been wondering about what the "heart" was and why the minotaurs awoke. This is a common theory, but what I think happened it that the Heart is the pure form of our enemy the Darkness. The darkness sent out some of his power to his minions in order for them fight. Sound familiar? Thats basically us and the Traveler. So I decided that somewhere there must be the elements of Darkness and Light. These are some ideas of what might happened if the guardians mastered these elements. Imagine the element of Light (Divine) to be white with hints of gold. The elements of Darkness is basically the aura of the taken. [b]Note[/b]: I wrote this with PvP in mind (most references to damage and such will be for a guardian) and no game development experience. Bungie's developers would fine tune the animations, damage, and other stats. [b]Titan[/b] [u][b]Paladin[/b][/u] "The Holy Sword of the Light." [u]Super[/u] - Heaven's Wrath "Take up your holy arms and slay those who oppose you." Spawn a stylized large broad sword (one handed) and a heater shield. Use (aim) to block and (shoot) to swing. Attacks with between slashes, overhands, and thrust. There is no difference between attacks. Can't block and attack at the same time. Blocking creates a half-dome structure, like the relic in VoG. All allies weapons will shoot through unhindered. Enemies shots will be blocked [u]Melee[/u]: Divine Blast (Divine Discharge?) Lunge forward and release a flood of Divine energy into your foes. A ranged attack the starts with a lunge and has AoE damage. Enemies touching the target will take about 75% of the damage and those farther away will take less. [u]Grenade 1[/u]: Cleanse Grenade A grenade which detonates instantly upon impact. Explodes instantly upon contact with any surface in a decently sized area. Deals the same amount of damage to any target within radius. About little more than half a guardians health of damage. [u]Grenade 2[/u]: Sentinel's Fire Grenade (flame, flames, heart, blaze, inferno, pyre, or something like that.) A grenade which ignites the earth with holy flame. Very weak in terms of damage, but last a log time and covers a large area in a circular shape. Squat whitish-gold flame. [u]Grenade 3[/u]: Vanquish Grenade A grenade which periodically blasts out Divine Light in a dome shape. Basicaly pulse grenade. [b]__________[/b] [b]Hunter[/b] [u][b]Astral Bender[/b][/u] (Lightbender, Raybender, Guider?) "Shape reality to your will." [u]Super[/u] - Celestial Storm Call down a storm of Divine power and unleash your light. Basically all enemies in a massive radius are temporarily blinded and stunned. All nearby allies handling, recovery, and agility are greatly increased. The animation is raising both hands to the air followed by a great flash. They area will be hazy white to show where the effect is. [u]Melee[/u]: Spark Powder Release a handful of explosive dust to disorient enemies trapped within. Toss powder a short distance which detonates dealing little damage, blinds and stuns for a short time. Basically a small super. [u]Grenade 1[/u]: Beacon Grenade A grenade which identifies targets with range for a short time. Enemies hit will take a minuscule amount of damage and become "Marked". Basically you can se them through walls. [u]Grenade 2[/u]: Scorch Beam Grenade A grenade that emits a tight beam that deals more damage to a target overtime. As it continuously deal damage the first few hits will be weak, but become stronger each time. Running through deals almost no damage. Staying within the beam for more than a few seconds will quickly kill you. [u]Grenade 3[/u]: Flare Mine A mine which upon activation stuns enemies in a large radius and identifies their location. Basically all allies can temporally see them through walls, like the glare grenade. The enemies movements will temporarily be slowed after detonation. Makes for easy kills. [b]__________[/b] [b]Warlock[/b] [u][b]Light Wielder[/b][/u] (Light caster?) "Wield the Light. Bring it to those in Shadow." [u]Super[/u] - Dawn Break Annihilate your enemies with a massive beam of Divine light. Shoot a giant laser and those who aren't killed and within a few meters of the beam will be blinded. Not much to it. [u]Melee[/u]: Smite Deliver a staggering blow dealing massive damage and enhancing yourself for a short time. A melee wich delivers massive damage, and upon a kill (not a hit) will temporarily improve armor and recovery. [u]Grenade 1[/u]: Barrage Grenade A grenade which explodes into multiple tracking missiles on impact. Basically scatter grenade, but the initial impact also deals damage. [u]Grenade 2[/u]: Charge Grenade A sticky grenade that deals bonus damage when stuck to an enemy. Your typical magnetic grenade, but if the grenade sticks to an enemy it will toss all surrounding enemies back and deal some damage. [u]Grenade 3[/u]: Aurora Grenade (Dawn grenade?) A grenade which continuously damages trapped inside and slowly increases in damage until exploding. Imagine vortes grenade, but white. The big difference is that it starts weak in damage, but slowly increases in damage and brightness until exploding, dealing massive damage. [i][b]__________________________________[/b][/i] [b]Titan[/b] [u][b]Dusk Barbarian[/b][/u] (I can't think of anything better. I'm sorry. Berserker something maybe?) "Rage is a tool. Embrace it." [u]Super[/u] - Blood Frenzy Embrace your anger and obliterate everything. Become coated in Darkness and erratically lash out with each swing of your hand (no weapons) dealing massive damage. Move around by dashing and launching yourself in an arc. Start with a small amount of super energy but kills and dealing damage restore some energy. Dealing damage gives only a quarter of the energy that a kill would. [u]Melee[/u]: Chasm Strike Punch your opponent with overpowering force, stunning them and temporarily negating their ability usage. A brutal swing which deals high damage and disables enemies abilities. Can be upgraded to remove grenade, melee, and super energy. [u]Grenade 1[/u]: Discharge Grenade A grenade which detonates instantly upon impact knocking enemies back. Explodes instantly upon contact with any surface in a decently sized area. Tosses enemies back. Deals decent damage. [u]Grenade 2[/u]: Blackout Grenade (Toxin grenade?) A grenade which creates a cloud of darkness, damaging those within. Pretty self explanatory. A black cloud of death. [u]Grenade 3[/u]: Bane Grenade A grenade which sticks to enemies, dealing colossal damage to only one target. If it doesn't stick to an enemy, it does nothing. If it sticks to an enemy. . . its screwed. [b]__________[/b] [b]Hunter[/b] [u][b]Shade Runner[/b][/u] (Wraith lord, keeper? Something like that.) "An assassin who moves in shadow." [u]Super[/u] - Wraith (Spectre Form) Become one with the dark. Become misty, dark apparition. See enemies through walls. Kill enemies by moving through them. Killing enemies will have an animation of some kind and increases speed until end of super duration. [u]Melee[/u]: Cleave (Serrate, gash?) Savagely slash out at your opponent, cutting them. DoT ignores shields and drains grenade and melee energy. [u]Grenade 1[/u]: Venom Grenade A grenade which poisons enemies with darkness. Ignores shields. DoT effect. Basically Incendiary grenade. [u]Grenade 2[/u]: Witherbolt Grenade A grenade that fire a dart of Darkness. Typical bolt grenade. [u]Grenade 3[/u]: BlightWave Grenade A grenade which sends forward a large wave of darkness upon impact. Upon impact will send forth a wave darkness in a large arc. Like the thermite grenade. Trades amount of damage for the size of the damage area. [b]__________[/b] [b]Warlock[/b] [u][b]Shadow Caster[/b][/u] (Shadow Hand?) "As the Light shines on, it casts a shadow." [u]Super[/u] - Plague of Darkness Control the Shadows and release them upon your adversaries. Kinda like storm trance, but the projectiles have tracking and a much further range. The missiles are shot out of one's hands. As the user walks, their legs are distorted and they move faster then normal. You can imagine what the rest looks like. [u]Melee[/u]: Curse Strike your foes, tainting them with darkness. A person hit by this ability will have the "Cursed" debuff and cannot regain health for a long period. All kinetic damage against a "Cursed" target is greatly increased. [u]Grenade 1[/u]: NightFall Grenade A grenade which causes bolt of darkness to strike the surround area. Imagine a Darkness version of the Deluge grenade, but with a larger AoE and less damage. Bolts strike in a circular shape. [u]Grenade 2[/u]: Blackout Grenade A grenade which creates a cloud of darkness, damaging those within. Pretty self explanatory. A black cloud of death. [u]Grenade 3[/u]: Venom Grenade A grenade which poisons enemies with darkness. Ignores shields. DoT effect. Basically Incendiary grenade. Phew, finally done. That was much harder than I thought it would be, but also surprisingly fun. Much thanks to Now I know there are plenty of mistakes in here and I probably went overboard on a lot of things, so please feel free to let me know about them. Any suggestions to improve abilities or names are also appreciated. Just don't be a jerk plz.



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