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3/18/2016 7:18:27 PM


Yes! Great Idea!


No! Bad Idea!


Change base player speed. I can already hear you saying [b][i][u]WHAT IS THIS CRAP!?! GIT GUD FKN SCRUB!!1![/u][/i][/b] but allow me to explain. I haven't really played destiny since January. That's when it finally lost its luster. But in the mean time I've been playing quite a few other arena style matchmaking games such as the halo franchise, call of duty, and other lesser known titles; despite their apparent differences, they all have something in common: Time to Kill ratios for each individual weapon. Now in the game making world, time to kill is huge, based on the environs the game takes place. I'll use halo since it's by far my favorite arena PvP game: With halo 5 serving as the freshest new installation to the franchise, multiplayer was probably their greatest triumph. They have a very balanced weapon selection to choose from with a few exceptions (looking at you suppressor). Looking at the five base load out weapons, Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, SMG, DMR, and Magnum, one can see that each gun has different qualities that make it special. The MAJOR difference in base weapon mechanics between Destiny in Halo is that Destiny's Arsenal is much more diverse because it expands on the basic archetype set forth by each weapon. There are burst fire weapons that balance DPS with Recoil and RoF with Magazine Capacity, but because of the RPG-like perk elements each class and gun is given, settling in on a solid time to kill is difficult. [quote]The Battle Rifle and DMR in halo 5: Guardians share a distinct time to kill whilst walking two very different paths. The battle rifle is capable of killing a fully shielded Spartan in 4 pulls of the trigger, but settled in at a moderately fast RoF. The DMR on the other hand can translate a kill in 5 shots, but makes up its difference in the form of a fast ROF. If two Spartans, one with a BR and the other with a DMR, were to shoot each other from full health in their critical spot without missing, they would both be awarded a kill and die simultaneously. [/quote] This is an issue Destiny may never be able to fully resolve due to weapon design and mechanics, and that basic notion is what makes the game a massive turnoff for people who don't luck out with the game's RNG loot system. But there is another workaround that intersects with my main point. [quote]Halo 5: Guardians also offers a new change to the basic player character model in that a Spartan's base movement movement speed (not sprinting) is at an all time high in the series. This added exponent to the new mechanics of each individual weapon gives players an advantage when engaged in a firefight where they have lost the upper hand. If mobility and strategy are combined, players who are attacked by other Spartans still have a fighting chance to eliminate their aggressor.[/quote] Now this is where my opinion can be slightly biased, but for all intents and purposes, I main a Titan on Destiny. Titans are [i]supposed[/i] to be engines of destruction with less mobility than the other classes, but that doesn't excuse the fact that movement, pacing, and firefights all feel sluggish and over encumbered. I recently picked the game back up because I'm waiting for Dark Souls 3 and Fallout DLC, and in both PvP and PvE environments, I can easily notice this lack of mobility. Destiny is all about Mobility! That's the primary reason the weapons in this game have such fast TtKs. And from a gameplay standpoint, this also adds more challenge to the use of special weapons, as a faster target is a harder target to hit. It's untested and relatively raw logic, but this simple change of movement speed for all classes can allow for a multitude of pre existing gameplay mechanics to return, such as the commonness of special ammo on crucible maps, shotgun range Vs. shotgun damage falloff, and even the importance of heavy ammo/vehicle/super management. I know it's a lot to read, so I'll summarize in a brief TL;DR. [spoiler][u]How do you fix the meta of fast TTK?[/u] The meta is relatively fine, but the ease of hitting a target in a game that allows for double jumping, teleportation, shadestepping, and other mobility assets is higher than it should be. This also explains why people have so much hate to sniper rifles and shotguns: They move slow enough that they're an easy target. [u]How does this apply to different classes?[/u] By simply making class agility a much more profound aspect in each class, the odds of a dying in a fraction of a second are reduced, and the odds of engaging in a meaningful firefight improve drastically. [u]What about everything you're not taking into account like exotic perks and class attributes?[/u] Sadly, I don't work at bungie, so the amount of data I have access to in relation to their game is the same amount as you do. [u]What does Halo have to do with Destiny?[/u] Not much, admittedly. I used its base load out weapons as a very sound and very accurate analogy. That's all there is to it.[/spoiler] Thanks for reading and voting, people! If you have any questions or comments, post them in the reply section, and I'll try and get back to you.
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