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3/3/2016 10:50:11 PM

Customer service or the lack thereof and the Refer a friend rip off

I get that Bungie used to be owned by Microsoft so expecting great service was never on my mind, but a seemingly total lack of any real communication with their customer base was a shock. The only "help" are the forums which don't seem to be addressed by official means. Several times I've tried to do the refer a friend program in Destiny but it keeps popping an error. After I finally received an email from Bungie welcoming me to the game I thought that perhaps the issue had been addressed and I could try again with my friend that recommended the game to me. Alas no such luck. Can anyone really expect much from a 1 star Better Business Bureau rated company? The only other time I've seen a one star is with infamous Time Warner which seems to actively want the top spot in worst rated companies. I feel sorry for the outstanding voice actor cast that now have their names associated with this game and will continue to support their work (Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, and Claudia Black to name just a few) but until Bungie tries to address my issue and the overwhelming number of issues faced by my fellow gamers, I will actively deter people from purchasing Bungie related products.



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