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オリジナルの投稿元:The Army of Prose
Millenium Milkにより編集済み: 3/1/2016 2:31:25 PM

The Division - Army of Prose Clans (PS4 or XB1) 18+

With the Division coming out soon, I've set up the two clans that are on Destiny, onto the Division as well. These may have the same members, or completely different. The only similar name you'll definitely see between them is my name in the founder's box. You'll need to join the groupme chats as well as sign up to the clan. Links below - -------------------------------- [b]Alliterate Soldiers PS4 18+[/b] [b]Groupme Chat link - [/b] [b]The Division Clan link - [/b] -------------------------------- [b]Soldiers of 7ight XB1 18+[/b] [b]Groupme Chat link - [/b] [b]The Division Clan link - [/b] --------------------------------



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