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Redd Gazelleにより編集済み: 2/9/2016 9:18:37 PM

Lyudmila-D is still garbage...

So I saw this in the update notes under "Weapons": "Fixed an issue with Hakke pulse rifle damage scaling to bring them back in line with other pulse rifles" And I thought to myself "FINALLY!" Herja-D (Hakke pulse with mid impact) pre-patch did 21 crit dmg... and it's doing much better at 23. Lyudmila-D (highest impact for a pulse in the game currently) pre-patch did 25 critical damage... and today it still does 25 crit dmg. Lyudmila shoots at [b]HALF[/b] the speed of Herja... and it only does [i]2[/i] more damage? [b]2[/b]?! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Do yourself a favor and throw away your Lyudmila. Just fastball that shite into the garbage can. That is just absurd.



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