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I'm here to bring another Xbox 360 thread up and running. (Oh no, not another 360 thread.) [iZombabe is the gamertag] ================================================================ [b]Forum requirements:[/b] *Posts must be made about one of the things in the title. *Xbox 360 only *Specify difficulty, light requirements, Gamer-tag, Checkpoint, etc. *Be chill and respect others. ================================================================ Stream: Stream time is from 6pm Cst to 10pm cst Youtube: Twitter: [b]My Clan:[/b] N/a [b]My Guardians:[/b] Titan: 330 Light Hunter: 330 Light Warlock: 329 light (I know some of you will check to see if it's correct. I move armor and weapons around between characters.] [b]My Raid Requirements:[/b] *Must be 310+ Light level for Hard. 290+ Light for Normal. *ToM and Black Spindle Preferred. Not required but high impact snipers are a good choice. (I.E. Eirene or 1000 Yard.) *Mic's are always required. Trash talking is a no go. Being chill is the goal. [b]Crucible Requirements:[/b] *Any light level. Iron banner required 290+ Light. *Good Weapons if doing Iron Banner. *Mic required if doing Iron Banner. [b]Trials:[/b] I do not participate in Year Two Trials. So sorry peeps. I am here to help out with raids and usually are on between CT: 2pm-10pm. You may see me on but this is usually my raid running times with a break at 5pm or 530pm till 6pm. I even do Vault of Glass and Crota's End still for fun. You probably won't ever see me doing Trials of Osiris. ========================================================================== Alright, this is recruitment on X360 for just about anything. This thread is here to help and let's get it popular so others have more sources to recruit. Even old school raids that some don't play anymore such as Crota's End or Vault of Glass. Most of all, have fun. Edit: Oh my, wow. Over 500 posts in one day. Nice. Edit: Over 6500 posts.....Good job. Good Luck, Stay Shiny.



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