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2/5/2016 2:52:55 AM

Are you interested in helping others in the raid??? Are you one to struggle against Oryx?? THIS CLAN IS PERFECT FOR YOU!!

Good day guardians, As our mission statement explains in great detail of our mission in gaming, we are couple specialized angels in guiding new guardians and/or provide extra strength in either raiding, pvp, or regular strikes (etc.) Our SHERPA members are picked to fit the requirement of three topics...[b]Knowledge, Strength, and Patience[/b]. In each category we train our SHERPAS to understand the needs and frustrations each gamer deals when playing. Therefore giving up is NOT an option for us. [b]SO .........what exactly is a SHERPA?????[/b] Well there are A LOT of definitions out there that explains what a SHERPA is... Here is OUR favorite [url=]CLICK HERE[/url] But all jokes a side....SHERPA is a group of people that help others in any type of gaming. [b]Would you also like to help???[/b] [b]If you are interested in becoming a guiding light for those in need[/b], please send an invite to the Ordained Sherpas Clan. Once you met our requirements as a SHERPA, you will be placed in your own division with your very own SHERPA group. Register at this link...and forever be linked as a Ordained Gamer! [url=]CLICK HERE[/url] -Happy Gaming



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