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Destiny について話し合おう
Sansにより編集済み: 2/3/2016 4:04:02 AM

Bye Destiny

DISCLAIMER: You choose to read and leave a, "Another attention post/baiter/-blam!- leaving destiny", you chose to click this and leave that comment. Never did I say you have to read, nor did Bungie tell you, so yep, do whatever. So let's start off with the start... Destiny in my eyes and the other hundreds of thousands of players eyes had us all excited for hell on earth and for the start of a new story made by Halo 1-Reach's Devs! Surely it can't be bad! I logged onto the beta and was immediately hooked. I was looking for any opportunity to play the game and enjoy it during Beta all the way to The Dark Below! It was exciting! Vault of Glass, the 5 Strikes, etc. etc. So after House of Wolves I noticed a slight decline in things, some items I saw almost a year earlier just started appearing, 347 Vesta Dynasty Vanished, Lord of Wolves wasn't as appealing as it was before, everything just kinda...went downhill. Prison of Elders was alright for me and my friends, but it grew stale after Skolas...just repeats. And now, TTK... Oh, how I wish I could have seen development... New Plot, Raid, Strikes, more! It seemed like an entirely new game... [quote]Seemed...[/quote] Soon after the first 5 weeks, I saw that advertised items...weren't in-game...Bungie was hiding stuff from us...and we couldn't do anything... But watch, quietly and wait... After Microtransactions approached, I began wondering what this game was becoming, sure Luke Smith was a dick before but... And now, we come up to events... Just fleshed out, "Pay for Items" deals... SRL made us pay for a sparrow we wanted, Halloween was just, "Have Raisins!" So now after this next event, I will graciously leave Destiny. I will be seen on the forums still, but when I do log on, it will be if a friend needs help or if they need me to do something with them... My parting message: Farewell Guardians, may your endeavors to defend the System not be in vain, and good luck defending Earth... EDIT: Lots of "Social Keyboard Warriors" trying to fight me. Also, title edited due to misleading.



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