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The Division PvE/PvP Xbox clips compilation

*insert deep movie trailer voice here* "Tom Clancy's The Division, a game that takes place in a New York on the brinnnnnnk of collapse... where people are turning against each other just for basic resources... A city in which almost all public services are now nonexistent, where destruction is all that remains... In this world, a group of agents must rise, the agents of The Division, to try and bring balance to this once thriving cityyyyyyyyyyy... They must work together to rid the city of the dangers posed to it, even if those dangers happen to be other Division agents taken advantage of their power and resourcesssssss... Sadly... the number of agents who abuse their status is not as low as you might think. It is not too rare to see a Division agent doing terrible things. They may be in groups, but agents may also team together to bring down these criminallllllllls... Agents are always stronger when they work togetherrrrrrrrr... if they do, they can take on almost any tassssssk... An agent alone is powerful, but a team of agents is unstoppabllllllle... [url=]Do you have what it takes...[/url] [url=]To save...[/url] [url=]What remains?[/url]" :3



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