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Reckopeにより編集済み: 9/20/2015 3:33:19 PM

Just killed ecthar as part of the exotic sword quest...

So I've just killed ecthar in the asylum as part of the quest, and now I need relic crystals.. Apparently they're found in relic iron but after finding loads, nothing is coming up. Don't suppose anyone has any ideas? Edit: I've now managed to do it after hours of grinding.. I went onto the dark beyond mission to grind the (in this case) void kills. I've also attached a video showing how to kill Ecthar if you're at that stage. I understand that there are apparently other ways to get into the asylum. One of which is using one super to kill all 3 knights.. This isn't true as from seen in the video i didn't use one super. Another rumour is that you just need to kill them really fast. This could be true as I did kill them fast! So by all means try it without using solar, ark and void and see what happens :)



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