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Destiny について話し合おう
2/2/2016 6:38:35 AM

Destiny PS3-PS4/Xbox 360- Xbox One TTK upgrade

Paid again for TTK DLC


Was already there for me to download


WTF are you talking about I don't play Destiny??


This is more so just a poll forum post because I had Destiny on my PS3.. I paid for the game and all 3 expansion on their own so no season pass/ expansion pass or whatever. and I got the digital copy of TTK I had upgraded to the PS4 and re bought Destiny and checked the PS store and saw that I could re download the dark below and house of wolves.. but had to re buy the pricey $40 expansion... but I heard from a friend that they didn't need to re buy TTK when they upgraded to PS4. I want to know if you had to re buy TTK when you upgraded from previous gen to next gen. And this is for people who upgraded after buying TTK so shortly after that came out



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