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Fix PvP reward system

So I decided to play Iron Banner this whole weekend since I had friends off to help me run it. After this weekend I'm totally done with it. I'm a 317/318 Titan depending on what gear I run with and I had a 310 ghost on my person starting this. I wanted to play to either get a 320(at least a 311+) ghost shell or 316+ Mark. I was Rank 4/5 all weekend while trying to play. After finishing Top 3 during most matches even during losses(sometimes losing with 8000+ points while my teammates came up with just 2000) I get rewards systems like this all the time. Player that were in the bottom 3 a majority of the time got AMAZING shells like this. I got a -blam!-ing 310 shell after all my hard work. Yes I traded them to my lesser characters but I don't care for those characters when all I'm trying to do is 320 my Titan. You need to rework the algorithm to where the Top 3 of the team have a chance at Legendary while the bottom three should be given either Motes of light, Strange Coins, or Rare gear because I am absolutely done with trying to carry a team to victory only to have the guy who helped the least get amazing things. And tbh I'm also done with PvP(except a round of Daily Crucible just to get the Marks). Fix the reward system to where it should be a task to be the Top 3 so you get good rewards and that a way the team tries to win, instead of this crap to where those who do nothing get the best. (If you can "Up/Like" this it'll be seen more so please do as you comment in this)



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