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Destiny について話し合おう
1/30/2016 7:14:13 PM

Dear Bungie, your matchmaking is brokt

When matchmaking there are three primary metrics to consider, each with their own components. I feel your system currently either ignores or poorly prioritizes these considerations. 1. Connection speed: There are many issues surrounding this, but nothing is more frustrating to a player (not an online player, but all players of any type of game) as when they are thwarted for no fault of their own. This should be a primary filter to ensure quality of gameplay is in sync with the player's expectation based on their available connection. “Bring a bad connection, receive the same”. Transparency should be a component here that allows players to really see connection quality, not some abbreviated green/yellow/red bar that has no apparent link to the latency or consistency of a player’s connection. 2. History of contribution: Here the discussion is, for each playlist, and each gametype, how much effort does a player put into pursuing the objective. This includes a consideration of both the player’s skill (KDR and Assists) and a player’s lusory participation. Meaning does a player play Rift like it is deathmatch, or are they contributing to the objective for whatever gametype they are in. This is likely measured differently for each gametype, but would likely be balanced against a W/L ratio. 3. Potential for coordination: While in game chat is a cute feature, XBL statistics likely shows the vast majority of people using voice chat are in a party. Communication aside, the ability of a team to play together, discuss strategies, and have individual consistency and accountability greatly outweighs the potential of one pub-star to compete against a coordinated attack. If there is a team of 6, they should only be paired with a team of 6 or 5. It is not difficult to discern the outcome of a match where one team of 6 is against a team of 6 individuals players. There exists simple maths that can solve this problem. Call me. . .I can help. I say this not to detract from anything that you have done. Your game is epic. However, it can be easy to overlook some simple practical truths when you are so close to your project.



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