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1/29/2016 6:33:54 PM
Seven dead. Twelve impregnated. Two timelines disturbed, a paradox regarding faster-than-light travel created by my dong. The moon was thrown off orbit, the Sixth Sense ends a different way, earthquake in Nebraska (I don't even live in Nebraska) and the entire population of Canada is four inches shorter (not sure how this happened). Eighteen different insects eradicated from the earth and four kinds of marmoset extinct. Guam is underwater, Haiti is a mountain, Hello Games gave a release date for NMS, Billy Mays brought back from the dead. Anyone who died in May of 1672 has spontaneously combusted. Wildfire in the Sahara. Pluto is a planet again. Water on Mars turned out to be jizz. Justin Bieber relevant. Halo 5 has Arbiter as the only playable character. 734 different website domains have turned into a link to meatspin, Bing no longer exists. Guitars around the world gained another string, Bass players aren't gay anymore. Cream renamed Milk. Left socks raining in Tokyo. #Destiny briefly stopped complaining. Abstract art in any museum found in Moscow turned into a GIF of a goat kicking a ball. Rectangles in New Jersey turned into triangles. Huey Lewis erased from existence. [i]And [/i]my dick is stuck in a toaster. Please change your instructions OP, they're unclear.



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