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Generations in gaming and the workplace

Generations in the gaming world and workplace: I am posting this based on people requesting it to try to help people understand each other while playing on games and in he workplace. This is a general categorizing of people in certain age groups. You may not fall into your own age group or maybe you have shared traits but for the majority of people they fall into these categories. Also, there normally is a +/- 5 years on the chart. Baby Boomers: Years: 1955-1964 / Ages: 52-61 Gen X: Years: 1965-1976 / Ages: 40-51 Millennials: Years: 1977-1992 / Ages: 24-39 Millennials are also technically still going because there hasn't been a new generation defined yet. Baby boomer's love meetings and just showing up for work. They love to hear themselves talk. They do not believe in quality of the work. Just the fact that they are there is their goal. GEN X believes meetings are pointless and that they should be assigned work and left alone to do it. They take pride in the quality of work vs the quantity. Millennials believe the world is there playground. If they show up for work, they are entitled to earn a reward or promotion. They do not believe experience or learning new skills have anything to do with promotions. Now even though this is the workplace behavior, it is the same in video games. You will notice very similar things between the groups. If you want to know how Millennials came to be: Baby boomers were never around their kids. Always working because being at work meant everything to them. Gen x became very independent from being alone and having to raise themselves. When gen x started having kids they hated how they were raised and wanted to be more involved but ended up smothering them and making them feel entitled. And that's how we ended up with millennials as a whole. ----------- If you have any questions, please ask. I teach "Understanding Generations in the Workplace"



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